The Role of Contract Review in Preventing Construction Disputes

by Tooey Courtmanche CEO on LinkedIn Pulse

Complexity spawns disputes, and construction today is increasingly complex. Bringing together a wide range of disparate materials and processes, and blending them to create a final project that meets the original scope and budget, is a monumental task. It takes the good will and efforts of countless organizations and their staff.

Construction disputes come with price tags that include costs in time, money and resources. The average bill on a global basis in 2013 averaged $32.1 million per dispute, according to ARCADIS, global natural and built-asset design and consultancy firm. In the U.S., dispute values hit $34 million, a threefold increase over 2012.

Using a project management solution like Procore can allow you to limit disputes by using the advanced communications, record keeping and scheduling tools available to you. There is a contractual side to minimizing disputes though. The ARCADIS report listed five primary reasons for disputes developing, three of which were directly related to contracts. Continue reading The Role of Contract Review in Preventing Construction Disputes